Want To Look Like Tom Cruise In Top Gun? This All-American Company Has A History Of Making High Quality Bomber Jackets & More

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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Ever wanted to channel your inner Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

Now to be clear here, I’m not talking about feeling “the need….the need for speed”… but rather looking the part. That’s right, not only can you get your hands on a high quality bomber jacket made by an American company founded by a former WWII pilot, but you can take some comfort in knowing that these leather bomber jackets are made by the same company proudly supplying the US Air Force, Army, Navy…and even NASA!

I’m talking about Cockpit USA here, an All- American brand founded back in 1975.

Many of the Cockpit leather jackets have been featured in famous movies, like the B-3 jacket Sylvester Stallone wore in Rocky III….and several  US presidents have also shown off jackets from the Cockpit collection in iconic photos, making it an iconic brand for both Hollywood and American history.

Cockpit USA jackets come in thousands of different color, fit, and design options which can range in value from a-little over $100 to over $1000, but really any jacket from Cockpit USA is going to provide you with the authenticity and sleekness that you expect from a bomber style jacket.

That’s why we recommend two different entry points into the Cockpit Catalog depending on your budget. Just want the most affordable Cockpit Jacket which stills bears their iconic branding?

Checkout the men’s WEP USN USMC jacket which features military specified nylon oxford and is lined with quilted nylon lining filled with polyester fiberfill.

A stylish nylon fit (Photo via Amazon)

A stylish nylon fit (Photo via Amazon)

The Cockpit USA Men’s WEP USN USMC Jacket starts at just $181.97 

The jacket features two large snap close front cargo pockets, a snap close pocket on the left sleeve, a Velcro chest patch, knit cuffs, an elasticized waistband and a bi-swing back for ease and comfort of movement. Nicknamed the ‘marine corps harrier pilot’s second skin’, this jacket is likely a treasured piece in any collection.

If instead you have a slightly bigger budget and want something leather and more casual and modern  to make a fashion statement, than may we recommend the Air Force 21st Century A-2 goatskin leather jacket.

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

Cockpit USA Men’s U.s. Air Force 21st Century A-2 Goatskin Leather Jacket is fashionable and practical 

Crafted from the same deluxe military specified goatskin leather, featuring hand warming pockets, underneath flap pockets, interior pockets and a hidden inside pen pocket, it is a regular fit jacket designed for a more casual appearance.

Additionally unlike other jacket company’s which use low quality material that may eventually rip, leaving you to either buy a new jacket or try to make some home repairs, Cockpit USA has outstanding customer service, and will offer replace linings, waistbands, knit cuffs, etc on your jacket in most cases. You can contact their customer service for more info on their repair policy, but it’s nice to know you won’t be hung out to dry after your purchase.

In conclusion, what’s there not to love about Cockpit USA jackets. An American company with a great American history of supporting our troops, and a modern dedication to manufacturing in America that other brands can’t match! I’ve already ordered myself a WEP USN USMC jacket as an early birthday present and I’ll be sure to come back and edit the article with any feedback I have once it arrives!

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