Trump Signs New Border Wall Section In Arizona To Commemorate 200 Miles

(Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

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President Donald Trump signed a plaque attached to a section of newly completed border wall during a Tuesday visit to San Luis, Arizona.

The president made the visit to celebrate over 200 miles of wall completion, part of a key campaign promise that ignited his base in 2016. Other officials, including Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, also signed the plaque.

“Our border has never been more secure,” Trump reportedly said during a meeting with Republican Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and Border Patrol officials.

New York Times photographer Doug Mills captured and posted images of Trump’s visit. The wall appears to be painted black, a request Trump made last month in order to make it appear imposing and be hotter to touch during summer months.

Voice of America’s Steve Herman and Reuter’s Steve Holland also posted pictures:

Later Tuesday, Trump will speak to a Students for Trump convention at Phoenix’s Dream City Church.

An additional 306 miles of border wall is currently under construction and another 222 miles are under pre-construction, according to a June 15 tweet from Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott. (RELATED: Christian Theologian Makes Case That God Supports Trump’s Border Wall)