Al Sharpton Still Believes Bubba Wallace Noose Story: ‘I Don’t Think We’ve Seen Closure’


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Rev. Al Sharpton said Wednesday morning that he still believes NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace may have been targeted with a noose, after the FBI concluded Tuesday that no crime took place.

“The FBI identified it as a noose. NASCAR said it was a noose or went along with the FBI’s characterization. It was a noose. So, the question is, even if they did not know that Bubba Wallace was going to use that stall, why was a noose in the stall?” Sharpton asked during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” (RELATED: ‘Playing Stupid On TV’: Joe Scarborough Mocks Sen. Kennedy’s Southern Accent)

“I don’t think this answers a lot of questions,” Sharpton continued. “And clearly, from what we just saw of Bubba Wallace, it does not seem he, who is the victim and possible target in this matter, seems to be satisfied with this. So I do not think that we’ve seen closure in this particular inquiry.”


A noose was reportedly found in Wallace’s stall ahead of the Geico 500 in Talladega. The FBI investigated the incident, and concluded Tuesday that no crime had taken place, and that the noose in Wallace’s stall had been there since October 2019. (RELATED: Tucker Carlson: FBI Won’t Arrest Rioters, But Sent 15 Agents To Investigate ‘Absurd’ Bubba Wallace Noose Story)

NASCAR later confirmed that the noose found in Wallace’s garage was actually a rope that was “fashioned like a noose.”

“We appreciate the FBI’s quick and thorough investigation and are thankful to learn that this was not an intentional, racist act against Bubba,” NASCAR said in a statement Tuesday.