‘Let Me Finish!’: John Bolton Fires Back When Sunny Hostin Blames Him For Trump Remaining In Office

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton immediately protested when “The View” host Sunny Hostin blamed him for the fact that President Donald Trump was not removed from office.

Bolton appeared on the ABC talk show Wednesday to discuss his book and spent most of his time fielding questions about Trump’s impeachment and why he had not testified. (RELATED: ‘I Don’t Have Any Obligation To Help Democrats Drive Into A Ditch’: Bolton Blows Off Impeachment Critics)


“Ambassador, I was going to ask you a different question,” Hostin began, laying out a list of things Bolton had said — either in his book or in interviews — that painted an unflattering picture of Trump.

“You chose not to testify,” Hostin continued. “You are the — one of the very reasons, if not the reason that President Trump is still in office, and wasn’t impeached. Help me understand why your silence is not complicity in this.”

“With all due respect, my testimony wasn’t going to make any difference, and the reason for that was because—” Bolton replied.

“That’s not true!” Hostin interrupted.

“Let me finish please,” Bolton continued. “Because of the Democratic impeachment malpractice. They drove the parties into their partisan corners, and that’s where it stayed.”

Bolton concluded by saying that, in presenting his story to the American public, he had left the president’s future in the hands of the people.

“If you don’t trust their judgment, then there’s a real problem with our democracy and our Constitution. They’re the ones that should make this decision, and what better time to assess the competence and character of Donald Trump than the middle of an election?” he asked.