Actress Marta Milans Talks About Becoming A United States Citizen And How Much She Loves America

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot AP Entertainment https://twitter.com/APEntertainment/status/1276210678026711040)

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Actress Marta Milans said she thought about how she can “finally vote” while talking about becoming an American citizen.

The “White Lines” actress recently became a U.S. citizen, according to an interview published Thursday by the Associated Press.

“I got my citizenship and then you have to apply for the passport and then you get it in the mail a few weeks later,” Milans said in a video. “And it wasn’t until I held it in my hands that I thought, ‘I can now vote. I can finally vote and make sure that I can put my two cents to fight to make this country better than what it is now.'”

“So, we will make it,” she added. “I have faith. I love this nation very much.” (RELATED: This Flag Means ‘Everything’: Immigrant Who Served In The Army Becomes US Citizen On Veterans Day)

Milans first posted the news in March.

“I am now a proud American citizen,” she captioned the post. “I am so grateful to this wonderful country… for all the opportunities it has gifted me during all these years. I came here as a young girl with a dream and i worked hard .. and it happened.”

“The American dream exists,” she added.

This is what you love to see. A celebrity who truly loves this nation. You can’t want to change something and do it constructively without really caring about it. Her comments are such a contrast to the usual “America sucks” style comments we see from people who criticize the country.

Milans talked about fighting to make this country better than it is now and I think that’s a cause we can all get behind.