Here’s What Happened When A Group Of Proud Boys Attacked A Lone Man On The Border Of ‘CHAZ’

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An Air Force veteran and MMA instructor headed towards the entry of Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ) in the late afternoon on June 15.

The man, who asked to be referred to as Maximus X, was donning a large American flag. He was also surrounded by a group of men wearing polo shirts with prominent logos that read “Proud Boys.” (RELATED: Before And After Photos: Here’s What Seattle’s ‘CHAZ’ Has Done To The City)

The Proud Boys are a far-right extremist group of brawlers who gained notoriety for their violent exchanges with members of Antifa in Portland and Seattle. Maximus told Daily Caller reporters that he was only trying to enter and leave the autonomous zone safely, which is why these far-right fighters were accompanying him.

As the group neared the entrance to CHAZ, they began to generate quite a buzz. They were allowed to enter and tense altercations quickly broke out. Many of the Proud Boys were clearly armed, as were many protesters pushing for them to leave the area.

Following tense moments with choice words exchanged between the two groups, Maximus and his security detail exited CHAZ safely. Maximus drove away and the Proud Boys began walking up the street just outside of CHAZ.

A few individuals were spotted tailing the group of Proud Boys – and the group appeared to notice.

While the reason for the confrontation that took place soon after remains unclear, two Daily Caller reporters arrived on the scene just as the Proud Boys were attacking a lone male. The group took his phone and smashed it to pieces, and as the man fought to retrieve it he was repeatedly beaten about the head and face.

The man tried to fight back, but was left bleeding and phone-less after the minutes-long attack concluded.

The group of Proud Boys escaped in an unmarked van before police were able to arrive on scene.