‘It’s Politics’: Jill Biden Addresses Past Tension Between Joe Biden And Kamala Harris


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Dr. Jill Biden addressed the past tension between her husband and Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris during a Tuesday appearnce on ABC’s “The View.”

Biden discussed the state of former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign — and ended up fielding questions about her husband’s potential pick for a running mate. (RELATED: Kamala Harris Gives Meghan McCain The Runaround On Defunding Police)


Sunny Hostin began by asking whether Biden would advise her husband to choose a woman of color to be his vice president. (RELATED: ‘Let Me Finish!’: John Bolton Fires Back When Sunny Hostin Blames Him For Trump Remaining In Office)

“Anyone can see that you and your husband are true partners,” she said. “I would imagine that he seeks your counsel on many things. Amy Klobuchar dropped out of being considered for the vice presidency and urged Joe to choose a woman of color as his running mate. Do you agree choosing a black woman at this time in our country would be appropriate at this moment?”

Biden said that she was glad the former vice president had already committed to having a female running mate and appointing a black woman to the Supreme Court, but demurred on the substance of the question.

“Joe has to, you know, look at all the choices,” she said, adding, “He has to listen to our — the committee that was set up and — but most importantly, I think he has to look for someone who has the values that he wants in a running mate and especially the values in governing just like he had — he and Barack had together. Joe was the last one in the room. Whoever she is will be the last one in the room.”

Meghan McCain raised the question of Harris then, noting that during the primary, the California Senator had attacked Biden’s record specifically on race relations.

“You said it was, quote, ‘a gut punch.’ I appreciated your candidness,” McCain said. “Anyone who attacked my dad, I held a grudge for years. For me it would be a hard thing to get over. Have you cleared the air about that incident?”

Biden appeared to dismiss the incident, chalking it all up to “politics.”

“You know, it’s politics. You get over it. You just move on. You have to, right?” Biden asked. “You can’t just keep harboring ill will.”

“You’re a bigger person than I am,” McCain said as the segment ended.