‘He’s A Commie’: Lisa Kennedy Blasts Bill De Blasio Over Support For Defunding Police

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy unloaded on Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, calling him a “commie.”

Kennedy, during a Tuesday appearance on Fox News’ “The Five,” addressed de Blasio’s support for the protest movement demanding the defunding of police departments — including the NYPD. (RELATED: ‘These Were Peaceful Shootings’: Jesse Watters Mocks Seattle Mayor For Underplaying Danger Of CHAZ)


Dana Perino put the question to Kennedy, saying that protesters were calling for the NYPD to be defunded — a move supported by de Blasio.

“You are a mom, you live in the city and wonder what you are feeling right now as the crime rates in the city continue to skyrocket,” Perino said.

Kennedy said that most New Yorkers, the people who actually lived and worked in the five boroughs, did not want the police department to be defunded. “They actually have good interactions with NYPD,” she said. “By and large they want that institution to stay intact.”

“The problem with Mayor de Blasio is he is a commie,” Kennedy continued, “He talking — he’s using the word ‘redistribution’ like a shameful pinko. And what’s going to happen here, and this is what’s so awful is they are going to demoralize the department so badly, you’re not going to have the necessary philosophical changes needed for a true police reform.” (RELATED: ‘A Pitiful, A Parasitic, A Pathogenic Politician’: New York City Protesters Rip Mayor De Blasio)

Kennedy went on to say that the end result would be more and more police officers leaving the department or leaving law enforcement altogether.

“Crime is going to go up and then you’re going to see unfortunately a mass exodus of people who now because of the pandemic can work from home,” Kennedy concluded. “And they don’t want to pay exorbitant taxes that are going to programs that are toothless and totally underserving.”