‘The Uneducated Are Showing Up In Droves’: Tim Scott Reacts To Protester Asking Officer To Show Him A Picture Of His Black Wife

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Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott criticized a protester as “uneducated” for insisting that a police officer provide proof after he told her he had a black wife.

During a Tuesday evening conversation on “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum played a clip of the woman reacting to an officer telling her that his wife was black by insisting that he show her a picture.

“I wanted to see a picture to believe him,” the woman said during the confrontation.

“I mean, what is going on?” a flabbergasted MacCallum asked Scott.


“That’s ridiculous!” Scott replied. “The uneducated are showing up in droves, and unfortunately they are getting microphones because they have been empowered not by the historical perspective, not an assessment and evaluation based on a historical understanding. All of that is out the window.”

“It’s chaos, and chaos leads to anarchy, and that’s dangerous, very dangerous for this nation,” he continued. “And we need to force the conversation in the public forum, so that adults can have conversation where we agree to disagree without being disagreeable. It can happen. It hasn’t happened in too long.” (RELATED: Tim Scott Rips CHAZ, Defund Police Efforts)

Scott has been highly critical of Democrats for nixing his police reform bill.