72-Year-Old Woman Attacked By Bison At Yellowstone National Park


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A 72-year-old California woman was attacked by a bison Monday at Yellowstone National Park after she approached it for a photo, the National Park Service (NPS) said in a press release.

The woman repeatedly walked within 10 feet of the bison at the Bridge Bay Campground Monday evening trying to get a picture before the animal charged and gored her. She was treated on the scene for multiple wounds before being airlifted to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, NPS said in the press release. (RELATED: Man Is Fined $1,000 For Breaking Yellowstone National Park Rules)

Yellowstone’s Senior Bison Biologist Chris Geremia said in the press release that the events leading up to the attack suggest that the bison felt threatened by the woman repeatedly coming within 10 feet of it.

“Bison are wild animals that respond to threats by displaying aggressive behaviors like pawing the ground, snorting, bobbing their head, bellowing, and raising their tail,” he said. “If that doesn’t make the threat (in this instance it was a person) move away, a threatened bison may charge.”

“To be safe around bison, stay at least 25 yards away, move away if they approach, and run away or find cover if they charge,” he added.

NPS also warned park guests to stay a safe distance from all wild animals.

“Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park are wild,” NPS said. “When an animal is near a campsite, trail, boardwalk, parking lot, or in a developed area, give it space.”

The incident at Yellowstone Park is still under investigation.