Man Says He Quit Amazon Delivery Job Mid-Shift, Left Van Full Of Packages At Gas Station With Keys In Ignition

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Nicholas Elias Contributor
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Derick Lancaster, who claims to have worked for Amazon, says he quit his delivery job mid-shift and left a truck full of packages at a gas station in Detroit.

Lancaster told the Detroit Free Press that he quit because he felt that he was being pressured to deliver more packages and at a faster pace. He allegedly had to miss his sister’s graduation party due to his work schedule. (RELATED: Alabama Students Allegedly Throw Parties, Bet On Who Gets Coronavirus First)

“I didn’t think it would get over 10 million interactions,” Lancaster said to the Detroit Free Press. “I thought it was going to get more like 50 ‘likes’ and 20 retweets — and call it a day.”

According to Lancaster’s tweets, he said he “quit amazon” and left the van “full of gas with keys in the IGNITION.”

Amazon told the Detroit Free Press that they were investigating the event and will be taking action.

“This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery partners,” Amazon said to the Detroit Free Press. The Daily Caller is waiting for a reply to its inquiry to Amazon.

Lancaster claims he was working a 12-hour shift from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and delivering 200 packages a day, per the Detroit Free Press. Lancaster allegedly called a Lyft and went home after leaving the van, but “returned to his senses” hours later and went back to the gas station to wait for someone from Amazon to get the van.

Lancaster said that he regrets posting his informal resignation on social media due to possible complications with future job prospects, reported the Detroit Free Press.