This Ingenious Spice Grinder Is A Game-Changer For Your Kitchen

Mason Thibault Mason is a native of Fall River, Massachusetts, an avid NFL and NCAA fan, and a commerce writer for the Daily Caller
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Spice racks are pretty awesome, but they tend to take up a lot of space in the kitchen. But, how could you live without your rosemary, paprika, and seasoning salt? Instead of making things complicated, perhaps simplifying the way you spice is your best option. Enter: the FinaMill™.

Unlike other grinders, the FinaMill™ lets you switch from different spices in mere seconds, giving you amazing versatility at your fingertips. That’s because this electric grinder actually uses interchangeable and refillable pods so you can switch from spice to spice with incredible ease. Whether you’re sitting at the kitchen table or whipping up something on the stove, using different herbs and spices is a dream with this gadget.

The FinaMill™ delivers coarse, medium and fine grinding for your spices, and since its refillable pods never cross-contaminate, things stay fresh and flavorful. And, you only have to buy as much as you need for the pod instead of a massive bottle. Plus, the grinder’s sleek, modern design makes in a welcome addition to any kitchen countertop decor.

Still not convinced your kitchen needs a FinaMill™? Check out some of its awesome online reviews!

“Great product, easy to load, easy to use, easy to swap. I especially like the one-handed operation from beginning to end, no more putting down lids or extra trips to the sink to wash my hands like I had to do with my old grinders.” – Tammy R.

“I bought the FinaMill because I was getting tired of preground spices from the supermarket not living up to their full flavor potential. I was please upon arrival that the unit went together well and has been quite easy to use.” – Jim F.

“The FinaMill electric grinder instantly became a hit in the kitchen. The interchangeable pods are a game changer! With just one hand, the pods pop in without any effort and are able to quickly release making the pods easily interchangeable to avoid contaminating spices.” – J.B.

For a limited time, you can get the FinaMill™, its matching tray, FinaPods, and the batteries for just $43.99, 20% off its normal price!

Prices subject to change.

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