Vandy Football Player Expelled For Alleged Sexual Assault Was Allowed Back Around Accuser

(Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

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Vanderbilt football player Charles Wright was expelled for alleged sexual assault but later allowed back on campus and around his accuser, who was moved to another facility during his return, reports the Tennessean.

The female equipment manager who accused Wright claimed she was moved to another facility so the football player could have access during Pro Day activities in 2019, according to a report published Thursday by the Tennessean.

Wright was expelled on Oct. 25 after a school Title IX investigation reportedly found him responsible for sexual assault. However, Wright remained on the Vanderbilt football team roster and was allowed on campus during a lengthy appeals process, according to documents and emails from Vanderbilt administrators obtained by the outlet. The appeals process for this case lasted past the football season and his graduation.

Despite being expelled for violating Vanderbilt’s sexual assault policy, Wright did not face a criminal trial due to insufficient evidence, the Tennessean reported. (RELATED: Vanderbilt Will Sell Alcohol During Football Games)

A summary of findings by Nashville District Attorney Michel Bottoms also obtained by the Tennessean showed text messages that he believed suggested the sexual encounter was consensual.

“Based on the foregoing, I would not recommend this case for prosecution,” Bottoms said in a statement at the time. “Should additional evidence become available, however, this matter may be revisited.”