Mike Tyson Says He Was High And Drunk While Filming ‘The Hangover’

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

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Boxer Mike Tyson claimed he was both high and drunk when he filmed his role in the hit movie “The Hangover.”

Tyson recalled finding out he was going to make a cameo in the movie during Saturday’s appearance on motivational speaker Tony Robbins’ podcast.

“I met the guys in a club, they were in the VIP section and I said ‘This is where I normally sit, nobody’s normally here,'” Tyson told Robbins.

“So I went I went in there, I’m checking these guys to see what they’re doing in my section,” he continued. “It was Zach, the other guy, and he said ‘We’re going to be in a movie with you’ and I said ‘Yeah? When?’ And he said ‘Tomorrow.'” (RELATED: Mike Tyson Teases Return To Boxing With Amazing Training Video)

Tyson admitted he didn’t know he was going to be in the movie because of the drugs he was doing.

“And I didn’t know as I was drinking and smoking back then, doing drugs so I didn’t know I was involved in the movie,” Tyson said. “So eventually I had to go and do the movie and it was a success.”

Tyson has previously talked about being high on cocaine while filming during an interview in 2012 with Yahoo! Sports.

To not even realize you had been cast in a movie that ended up having as much box office success as “The Hangover” is kind of a big deal. But, it seemed to work for him. Tyson played himself in the movies and it’s hard to mess up when all you have to do is be yourself.

He adds a great touch to the film and it honestly wouldn’t have been the same without him.