Here Are The Best Renditions Of The National Anthem In Honor Of The 4th Of July

(Photo by: Doug Pensinger/ALLSPORT/Online USA, Inc./Liaison Agency)

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The best way to celebrate the 4th of July is to watch the best renditions of the National Anthem.

You can even put these on repeat and play them all day at your 4th of July BBQ to make it the most American day ever.

Obviously, the best rendition is Whitney Houston’s from 1991. Houston has some of the best vocals of all time and when she sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Her rendition of the anthem was so popular, it was released as a commercial single, according to Billboard. (RELATED: REPORT: NFL To Play The Black National Anthem Before Games This Season. Here’s What We Know)

Nobody can beat Houston’s, but Faith Hill came close with her own rendition during the Super Bowl in 2000. Hill’s is one of the cleanest National Anthems I have ever heard. There isn’t much background music and you really get to hear her voice shine through.

For a more recent version of the National Anthem, Lady Gaga gave us an amazing rendition at the 2016 Super Bowl. Not only did she completely blow everyone away with her voice, she stole the stage in a red sequined bodysuit and platform shoes.

We can’t forget about Christina Aguilera though. She was a leading voice in the 90s and of course her rendition of the National Anthem did not disappoint when she performed at the Super Bowl in 2011.

Lastly, if you click on any video in this entire article, let it be this next video of Beyoncé singing the National Anthem. Not that hers is the best. All of these are some of the most amazing versions of one of the best songs in America.

Beyoncé is still something special, though.