The Best Wine Glasses, Decanters, And More To Add Class To Your Dining Room And Bar

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No matter what time you’re reading this, it’s wine-o’clock somewhere. Whether you prefer to watch Bar Rescue or Oprah drinking from a giant wine glass, wine and cocktails have never been more popular for relaxing, conversing and entertaining with guests.

Many have a tendency to picture nothing but crystal glassware and large-brimmed hats when thinking of wine accessories, but modern, elegant wine glasses don’t have to burst your wallet at the seams.

For new, unique and classy wine glasses (and more), we’ve compiled a list to get you started on filling out your dining room and bar cabinet.

1. Shatterproof Glasses

For the young, clumsy or penny-pinching, these shatterproof glasses from Govino are perfect for any self-starting wine connoisseurs.


Made from BPA-free polymer, these durable glasses are perfect not just for wine, but can be used for beer or cocktails as well.

You don’t have to fear any trips or chips, and can bring them anywhere whether it’s the pool, the beach or the patio. The glasses are affordable and college-ready, and can be used as a starter kit for any glassware collection.

If looking for a bit of an upgrade on the above, these stemless glasses are the next, natural progression. Made from stable, shatter-resistant glass, they’re a bit more mature than the more durable polymer glasses, but still cost just over $10.

2. Bordeaux Stemware

Made for the wine of the region that shares its name (Bordeaux, France) – this glassware is a bit pricier ($150) but is sure to impress with its incredibly modern design.

The simple, yet eye-catching angles of the stemware create a bit of an optical illusion, but it is that simplicity that makes it rather interesting.

Like drinking a magic trick (via

If looking for something more classical in a similar price range, these Riedel long-stem glasses or ‘Riedel Sommeliers Black Tie Mature Bordeaux Glass‘ are a suitable substitute available for $100.

These fine, crystal wine glasses are hot on the market, recently landing themselves on Oprah Magazine’s Best Wine Glasses list.

3. Decanters

You know how to drink the wine, but do you know how to serve the wine? Hopefully you read that in a French accent…regardless it remains true. A stylish decanter shouldn’t run up the bills too much, but it will allow your wine to aerate and offer a classy way to serve your guests the way it was meant to be enjoyed.


A Le Chateau decanter adds some charm to your collection, holds 1,800ml and comes recommended by Amazon, with an impressive rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, with over 1,100 reviews.

If that’s not your style, you can accomplish similar aromatic effects with a ‘winebreather‘. It’s a ‘plug and play’ effect whereas the device is attached directly to the wine bottle, and with a simple turn aerates the wine. It can then be served in the container or poured back into the bottle before pouring.

4. Cocktails & More

Move over Tom Cruise your time is up! Remember that not everyone is a wine drinker, so, if you can prepare cocktails for your guests you’ll not only please the crowd but likely be the life of the party.

You can cover most of the necessities with a basic kit (mixer, spoon, pourer) or shell out around $30 dollars extra (around $50) for a bartending kit to feel like a seasoned professional.

Feel the need, the need for speed! (via

Now that you have wine glasses, decanters and cocktail supplies, you may want to think about diversifying your cabinet with mule (copper) mugs. Made specifically for ‘mules‘ – these cups are eye-catching and can be used for a plethora of cold, mixed drinks or other cocktails.

They’re pretty unique and an easy way to add class to your cabinet, as well as get the conversation going.

Don’t forget to send us your ideas for great additions to your wine, cocktail and bar collections. Whether it’s best kept in storage or should be out on the dining table for all to see, let us know!

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