Human Head Found On Roadside By Jogger


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A jogger in Florida found a human head on the side of the road Tuesday.

The road has since been shut down while the area is investigated and police asked drivers to avoid the area, according to a report published by Fox 13.

“She did not jog here yesterday, but she did Sunday, and it was not here on Sunday,” St. Petersburg Police Department Spokesperson Yolanda Fernandez said. “So we’re asking anyone from the public who may have seen it yesterday or seen something suspicious to let us know.” (RELATED: First Human Head Transplant Gets The Green Light)

Police do not believe that the human died where the head was found, but it is unclear when the head was put on the roadside. Police claimed it was likely that the head was placed at the scene in the past two days, the outlet reported. The head was reportedly so decomposed that police could not even identify the gender.