‘Statuary Sanctuary City’: Ohio Mayor Explains Why His Town Plans To Give Amnesty To Unwanted Statues

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Newton Falls, Ohio Mayor Kenneth Kline told Fox News’ “The Story” why his town wants to be a “sanctuary” for eight unwanted statues across the nation.

Newton Falls City Manager David Lynch made news last week by promising to give unwanted statues of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, Francis Scott Key, Christopher Columbus and Patrick Henry a “place of honor and respect” in a July 4 proclamation.

When asked by guest-host Trace Gallagher whether the mayor supports the move, Kline’s response was, “Yes, I do.”


“This is a great country,” Kline continued. “Newton Falls, we are proud of our country and growing up here. We think back to the great memories that we have in this great nation that we have. You have stories from the senior citizens and those that have served, the greatness of this nation and lead this support because we want to keep this country, the great country that has been.”

“We want to bring people together loving this country,” said Kline. “We have these monuments here in Newton Falls and kids can learn of its history and people can come to visit. I think it’s a real positive situation.”

The Newton Falls mayor strongly disagreed with critics who claim the proclamation makes the city a “haven for racism.” (RELATED: ‘This Is Not About Race Anymore, It Never Really Was’: Protesters On Teddy Roosevelt Statue)

“This has nothing to do it do with racism or hate,” he said. “It’s the opposite. It’s positive. I want to bring individuals together and support to where we each — no matter what our color is, we are Americans. This is a great nation. We are all on equal ground.”