‘The Democratic Party Has Been Hijacked’: Leo Terrell Explains Why He’s Voting For Trump

(Fox News screengrab)

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Radio host and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell said the reason he and many other black Americans plan to vote for President Donald Trump this year is because “the Democratic Party has been hijacked by black lives.”

Terrell and Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera joined Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer on Thursday afternoon to react to Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio helping to paint a Black Lives Matter mural in front of New York City’s Trump Tower.

“What is the effect of an image like this for the next several months?” Hemmer asked.


“I oppose that sign out there,” Terrell said. “The Black Lives Matter organization does not care about all black lives. They don’t care about police officers who are killed. They don’t care about black on black crime at all. They don’t care about school choice. It is a very extreme organization that really only cares if a police officer is involved in a killing.”

The civil rights attorney called the group’s manifesto “extremist” before building his case for the president based on the First Step Act, support for historically black colleges, and other issues.

“A lot of black Americans such as myself will be voting for Donald Trump this year because the Democratic Party has been hijacked by black lives,” Terrell insisted.

After Hemmer played the clip of de Blasio speaking at the mural, Rivera accused the New York City mayor of “sticking it to Trump.”

“If he really cared about black lives, playing off of what Leo just said, he would have posters all over New York City of all the slain toddlers, and teenagers and pregnant women who have been killed in the crossfire in the inner-city violence,” Rivera said. “This is not a caring, sincere gesture.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Leo Terrell On Trump, Biden, Policing And Why He Left The Democratic Party)

“That was nothing more than a publicity stunt,” Terrell added. “It means nothing. It doesn’t protect African-Americans or Americans in general. It is a publicity stunt and it means nothing to this guy, not to me at all.”