‘They Will Not Stop Until Real Blood Is Spilled’: Chris Bedford And Tucker Carlson Discuss The Meaning Of Statue Removals

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson invited The Federalist senior editor Chris Bedford on Friday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss the broader civilizational ramifications of statues and their removal by mobs.

Carlson kicked off the segment by showing images of rioters pulling down statues in North Carolina and Maryland. Statues and monuments of historical figures have been defaced and removed in the wake of protests sparked by the death of George Floyd. The Fox News host followed that up with footage of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defending the lawlessness as people who “will do what they do.”

“Why should we care about statues being toppled?” Carlson asked Bedford.


“Because statues are always followed by people,” Bedford responded. “Every time in history that we have seen statues taken down, from ancient Rome to France where they started with symbols like a largely empty prison, and then they started attacking churches to here in America where they started with the statue of a Confederate soldier and quickly moved to some mob violence to hanging statues in the streets to pulling down our founders.”

“Revolutionaries and mobs that go after the symbols of a civilization never just want to stop at a symbol,” he continued. “They are not just angry at a statue. They are angry at what it represents. What it represents is people, a civic society, this country, and they will not stop until real blood is spilled in a targeted way.”

Bedford contended that a society that builds monuments is one that is “willing to defend itself,” that “believes in itself.” (RELATED: ‘This Election Is Different’: Tucker Carlson And Brit Hume Discuss The Likelihood Of A ‘One-Party State’)

“A society that stops building monuments doesn’t believe in itself anymore,” he said. “And a society like ours led by people like Pelosi who actively cheer or watch as they are torn down, that society is on its deathwatch.”

Carlson mentioned the irony of a couple being “charged with a hate crime” for “trying to return their street to blacktop because vandals put a BLM symbol on it.”

“It’s not as though symbols don’t matter to the left,” said the Daily Caller co-founder. “They matter very, very much.”