TikTok: Is Time Running Out For This App?

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Jason Thacker, a research chair in technology ethics and creative director of The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about the Trump Administration’s potential ban of TikTok, national security threats and more.

The popular social networking app TikTok has come under scrutiny this last week after the Trump Administration announced a possible ban on the app. According to one of Thacker’s articles, “TikTok has been downloaded over 2 billion times” and “the platform currently has around 800 million daily users.”

While Thacker does not have a TikTok himself, he acknowledged the app is “full of really fun content just like dance videos and it’s often videos that are put to certain types of music.”

“[People] just simply don’t know a lot of the kinda backend things that are going on at TikTok,” Thacker said, such as “privacy and security concerns” and “ties to the Chinese Communist Party.”

Thacker also pointed out the moral concerns, such as human rights, at stake that “really need to be addressed.”

“We need to combat China morally on this because we cannot let this kinda rampant, blatant violations continue.”

Thacker also discussed more about the national security threats the app poses to the U.S., what younger generations should be aware of and more. (RELATED: Amazon Says Email Telling Employees To Delete TikTok Was ‘Sent In Error’)



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