‘Very Shameful’: Kayleigh McEnany Rips Attempts To ‘Cancel’ Goya Foods CEO

Screenshot: Fox News

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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany defended Goya Foods President and CEO Bob Unanue, who is facing boycott threats over his support for President Donald Trump.

McEnany called Unanue the “absolute embodiment of the American dream” during an appearance on Fox News Monday. (RELATED: ‘They Have To Stay Open’: McEnany Defends Trump’s Call To Reopen Schools) 

“Bob is the absolute embodiment of the American dream,” McEnany said. “It’s very shameful what the left does. This is cancel culture.”

“If you associate with this president. If you associate with the Republican Party, we’ve got to cancel you out of this society, deride you, demonize you in a very personal way,” she continued. “They will shame anyone who associates with this administration, but the silent majority stands strong, and it’s shameful what they did to Bob.”


Unanue faced boycott threats from some liberals, including Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and former presidential candidate Julian Castro, after saying at the White House earlier in July that the U.S. was “truly blessed” to have Trump as president. (RELATED: Noam Chomsky, JK Rowling, And Dozens More Criticized After Calling For An End To Cancel Culture)

Despite the threats, Unanue later doubled down on his support for the president, saying he was “not apologizing” for his political views.

“We were part of a commission called the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative and they called on us to be there to see how we could help opportunities within the economic and educational realm for prosperity among Hispanics and among the nation,” he said during an appearance on Fox News.