Woman Refusing To Wear Mask In Store Throws Shoeboxes At Employees. Skechers Forced To Respond


Liam Sigler Contributor
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An Oklahoma City woman threw shoeboxes at a Skechers employee Wednesday after reportedly being told to wear a face mask inside the store, prompting the shoe company to condemn her actions. 

The employee who was attacked by the woman said that she was initially ignored when she asked the prospective customer to put on a face mask. After the employee continued to insist that she put on a mask, the customer hurled two shoeboxes at the worker, Fox 25 reported. The customer then stormed out of the building and left behind her wallet, which was later used by the police to identify the suspect. (RELATED: Woman Has Epic Freakout While Being Thrown Out Of A Vegas Casino For Not Wearing A Mask)

The assault prompted Skechers President Michael Greenberg to personally respond to the incident. “We understand that these are frustrating and alarming times, and not everyone is comfortable with the new way we have to operate, but this kind of aggression toward one of our team members is unacceptable and inappropriate,” he remarked in a statement to Footwear News

Another employee who was in the store at the time of the incident, Myah Joycelynn, commented on Facebook, “I hope this lady is embarrassed of herself and her actions.”

Officials have announced that the employees in the Skechers’ store have filed a police report and will be pressing charges for the assault, according to Footwear News