Stranded Florida Driver Gets Surprise Of Lifetime When NBA Legend Shaq Shows Up To Help

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot ABC News https://twitter.com/ABC/status/1283113052087386119)

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NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal gave a woman the surprise of a lifetime when he pulled over to help her out when she was stranded on a highway.

The unidentified woman had to pull over on a Florida interstate after her tire blew out, according to a post published Tuesday on Facebook by Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. Shaq happened to be driving down the interstate as well and pulled over to help.

“Yesterday, Shaquille O’Neal was traveling through Alachua County on I-75 when he witnessed a crash,” a post shared by the sheriff’s office said. “He stopped to check on the welfare of the driver and remained with her until law enforcement arrived.”

“He fist-bumped Deputies Purington and Dillon before going on his way,” the sheriff’s office added. “Hey Basketball Cop Foundation you’re not the only one that knows Shaq.” (RELATED: Shaquille O’Neal Says The NBA Should ‘Scrap’ The Season)

I would already be pretty freaked out if I was stranded on the highway by myself and didn’t know what to do. So to be stranded alone and have Shaq show up to help, would be wild. I don’t know about you, but I’d be absolutely speechless.

Props to Shaq for stopping too. He didn’t have to do that.