‘Donate To These Savvy Grifters’: Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson Gets Trolled By Cartoon Interviewers

Screenshot: Tooning Out The News/Twitter

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Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson was trolled Monday night during an interview on “Tooning Out the News,” a parody show produced by Stephen Colbert.

One of the show’s hosts Sarah Sabo confronted Wilson after he called President Donald Trump a “B****.”

“Yes, he is a b*tch. That is the biggest insult, comparing someone to a woman,” Sabo said. “I hate us.”

The cartoon anchors went on to troll Wilson over the Lincoln Project’s association with former George W. Bush administration officials, who they accused of bringing about “countless deaths.” (RELATED: Hundreds Of Bush Administration Officials Declare Support For Joe Biden)

“I miss the Republican Party before it embraced Trump, back when it only laid the groundwork for him,” one of the cartoon anchors quipped.

Wilson also defended the Lincoln Project’s overhead spending costs, saying that a new financial report from the organization will come out later in July. (RELATED: Anti-Trump Lincoln Project Ousts Video Editor Over Sexist Tweets)

“You’re gonna see our new report coming out in July, which represents the first major period in our campaign that wasn’t involved in start-up costs, and acquisition costs, and data costs,” Wilson said.

The anchors then proceeded to show Wilson their parody of a Lincoln Project advertisement, which mocked the group as grifters.

“Stop this corrupt grifter ruining America,” the fake advertisement said, referring to Trump.

“Donate to these savvy grifters who ruined it before and hope you don’t look into them,” the fake advertisement said of the Lincoln Project.

Wilson is one of several former Republican operatives who founded the Lincoln Project in late 2019, including George T. Conway IIISteve Schmidt and John Weaver