Navy Has ‘Every Intention’ Of Playing Army In Football In 2020

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Navy has “every intention” of playing Army in football during the 2020 season.

Right now, nobody has any idea whether any college football will happen during the upcoming season as we continue to wage war against coronavirus. Well, unless all hell has broken loose, the Black Knights and Midshipmen will play in Philadelphia. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“If there’s only one game we’re going to play. It’s the Army-Navy game. Unless the pandemic is such at the time that we’re precluded by the city of Philadelphia to play that game, we have every intention of playing Army-Navy,” Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk told ESPN during a Monday interview.

I love this mentality from the Navy. Short of Soviet tanks blocking the stadium, at which point we can consider military options, this game needs to happen.

It would honestly be so cool if the only football game played in all of the 2020 season was the Army-Navy game.

It’s damn near poetic. I’m not cheering for that to happen, but if we can only have one, then you might as well make it a military rivalry.

Look, our military doesn’t back down to anyone. That’s just a fact. We’ll go toe-to-toe with anyone, anywhere and at any time.

If you think coronavirus will beat down the United States military, you need to read a damn history book and then leave the country.

Coronavirus has thrown some solid punches, but it sounds like it’s going to have to throw a lot more before the Navy and Army call it quits.