Rare Red Rainbow Appears Over Lake


Liam Sigler Contributor
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A fisherman in Finland captured a video of a rare red rainbow while fishing on Lake Päijänne over the weekend.

Aviv Junno shot the video of the rare natural event during a rainstorm, which is when these phenomena usually occur. Despite the apparent beauty, the fisherman said that he believed that the rainbow was a bad sign and “ominous,” leaving the lake soon after, Sky News reported.

Colors with a shorter wavelength, such as blues and greens, were dispersed in early morning and evening hours, according to WRAL. In turn, only reds and yellows become visible in the rainbow. The additional distance that light travels during sunrise and sunset can cause other colors to become invisible to the human eye, according to National Geographic. (RELATED: Terrifying Video Shows Shark Swimming Underneath People)

The red rainbow, also known as a monochrome rainbow, will appear in the sky in a higher arc than a normal rainbow, according to EarthSky. To view a red rainbow at sunset after a rainstorm, it is recommended to turn opposite to the sun to get the best perspective. 

Another type of colored rainbow is one with red, orange and yellow stripes, according to Smithsonian. Rainbows can also appear as a solid streak of white light.