Michigan Man Reportedly Wins $2 Million In Lottery After Receiving Wrong Ticket

(Credit: Shutterstock Daniel Krason)

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A man reportedly won $2 million playing the lottery in a suburban area of Detroit.

The unnamed man was given the wrong ticket, but ended up winning big, according to a report published Tuesday by the Associated Press. He reportedly attempted to buy a $10 Lucky 7’s scratch-off ticket and get change to put air in his tire.

He was instead given a $20 ticket.

“The clerk handed me the $20 ticket by mistake,” the man said in a statement, according to the AP. “He offered to exchange it for me but something told me to keep it. I am sure glad I did!”

The man took his money in a lump sum of $1.3 million instead of $2 million over several years. (RELATED: Colon Cancer Patient Wins $200,000 Lottery Prize On Way To Last Chemotherapy Treatment)

I still can’t even imagine what it’s like to win the lottery and receive any amount of money, but a $1.3 million lump sum is something I would not know exactly what to do with. That’s a ton of money to just have at one time.

I would probably buy a new house. You’d have to be smart about this. I probably wouldn’t quit my day job just so I could still have money coming in. It’d be a dream.