‘People Are Starting To See What Black Lives Matter Really Is’: Damani Felder Speaks Out Against BLM

(Left: OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images; Right: Samantha Renck)

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Damani Felder, the founder of YouTube’s The Right Brothers, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas, how the chaos unfolded and more.

On Saturday, Felder was dining at a Dallas, Texas restaurant when a group of Black Lives Matter protesters showed up.

“They actually marched past once unannounced. None of us had any idea they’d be coming down to that part of town,” Felder said. “The music continued, people continued having a good time. Then they marched past twice — still didn’t get any attention, didn’t get any heckling whatsoever.”

Felder continued, “they parked themselves maybe 50 yards away from the restaurant after a second pass and were just shouting and screaming, but no one was really giving them the attention that they clearly wanted. That was when they approached the restaurant and incited chaos.”

The group “began heckling people who were really just out, you know, enjoying their dinners, out with their young children. Black families out there with young children. This BLM group parked themselves right in front of that table and started screaming at them.”

Felder discussed the role the mainstream media has played throughout the civil unrest in the country, the Dallas Police Department’s response to the event and more. (RELATED: Trump Supporter Slapped In The Face At Black Lives Matter Plaza)



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