Caitlyn Jenner Says She’s Already Texted Kanye About Being His Running Mate

(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Caitlyn Jenner said Thursday that she had already texted Kanye West to ask about being named his running mate.

Jenner was leaving Starbucks when a TMZ reporter approached to ask whether or not she would be supporting West — who filed federal election documents earlier in the day — in his bid for the presidency. (RELATED: ‘Kanye 2020’: Kanye West Files To Run For President)

“So, I really gotta know this question, Caitlyn,” the reporter said as he approached.

“All right,” Jenner appeared to be agreeable, prompting a laugh from the reporter.

“So are you gonna vote for Kanye for president, now that Kanye’s running you think?” the reporter asked.

Jenner didn’t miss a beat before responding, “Well, I texted him and said, ‘Can I be your VP?'”

“Oh, that’s a genius idea!” the reporter responded as Jenner approached a black SUV.

“Yes, I know, what a combination,” Jenner’s reply sounded only half serious as the reporter laughed and encouraged Jenner to pursue that further.

West has filed two sets of documents so far — a Statement of Candidacy and an application to get his name on the ballot in Oklahoma. He missed the Wednesday deadline to have his name added to the ballot in Florida.