Fox News Host Admits She Has ‘Misled,’ ‘Toyed’ With Pollsters, Adds She Doesn’t Trust ‘Any Polling’ – Including Her Own Network’s

(Screenshot/Twitter: Public User Justin Baragona)

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Fox News host Melissa Francis said Thursday that she has misled pollsters and that she doesn’t trust any polling, including that of her own network.

Francis first admitted that she has “toyed” with pollsters during a conversation on “Outnumbered” Thursday. She explained how she has “been polled twice recently” and has “a blast” during the calls. Francis added that she sometimes acts like a person “who voted for de Blasio but now is thinking about Trump,” her answer depending on how she decides to mess with the pollster calling.


The Fox News host continued to explain the situation on Twitter after Justin Baragona, founder of The Contemptor, wondered if Frances admitted this “to help push the narrative that all the polls are wrong?” (RELATED: ‘Fox Is Terrible!’: Trump Snaps On Fox News After Presidential Poll Shows Biden In The Lead)

“Any pollster who calls me – I do not tell the truth,” Francis responded in a tweet. “It’s not their business. But I misled them left and right in equal measure. Polling is in fact garbage. I also do *always* disclose where I work and ask from whom they purchased my information.”

The Fox News host also confirmed that she doesn’t trust any polling whatsoever, even coming out of the network.

“I don’t trust any polling at all based on my personal experience,” Francis tweeted after Baragona asked if she thinks “Fox News polls are also ‘garbage.'”

According to Francis, she has “personally been polled more than a [sic] 20 times in the past 5 years.”

“When I ask others if they have ever been polled, I’ve never had anyone sat [sic] ‘yes’ to me,” she tweeted. “But I have personally been polled more than a 20 times (sic) in the past 5 years. (I always tell them where I work.) That has undermined my own personal confidence in polling, that is my opinion.”