Georgia Police Thought They Found A Dead Body. It Was Actually A Sex Doll

Taro Karibe/Getty Images

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Police in Allenhurst, Georgia, thought they had discovered a major crime Tuesday when someone spotted what appeared to be a dead body on the train tracks. However, the “body” turned out to be a sex doll.

Liberty County detectives weren’t allowed to touch the body until the coroner arrived, so they waited at the scene Tuesday afternoon, Detective Mike Albritton said according to WRCB 3. When the coroner arrived and detectives began to examine the woman’s body, they immediately confirmed it was a sex doll.

A crime like this would have been unheard of in Allenhurst, a tiny town in Southeast Georgia of just 700 people. (RELATED: Maryland Woman Admits To Suffocating 7-Month-Old Son)

Detectives said the doll was realistic and anatomically correct, according to the report. They also noted that it was fully dressed.

Albritton has never seen anything like this, he said, according to WRCB 3.