‘Have We Made America Great Yet?’: Joy Behar Bashes Ivanka Trump Over Goya Photo Op

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Joy Behar mocked President Donald Trump over his show of support for Goya food products, asking during Thursday’s “The View,” “Have we made America great yet?”

Behar joined cohost Sunny Hostin in attacking both the president and first daughter Ivanka Trump for sharing photos with Goya products after the company’s CEO was criticized for saying positive things about Trump. (RELATED: ‘I Swear To God, If You Don’t Stop’: Whoopi Scolds Meghan McCain And Joy Behar During Heated Exchange)


Whoopi Goldberg began the segment by mentioning the photo, posted by Ivanka Trump, that showcased a can of Goya black beans.

Hostin called the photo a clear ethics violation, saying, “It’s a federal ethics violation, just clear-cut, clear and simple. All right? That’s the first thing. It’s just shocking that she as the president’s adviser, a position she really shouldn’t hold because she is the president’s daughter and she is unqualified to hold that position, that she doesn’t know better.”

Behar weighed in then, laying out all the things she thought the Trump administration should be addressing instead of sharing photos of beans.

“I want to talk about the photo op because, you know, hundreds of thousands as Sunny just pointed out, millions of people are losing their jobs,” Behar said. “Hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead and dying. Florida is running out of hospital beds and he’s posing with a can of beans. I would like to ask the Trump supporters, have we made America great yet?”

Behar went on to mock Ivanka Trump further over her “Try Something New” initiative, adding, “Also, Ivanka wants to find something new? We will on November 3rd, my dear. Whoever believes Ivanka ever bought Goya beans, who thinks Princess Ivanka goes to the store and buys beans? Get over yourself.”

Meghan McCain’s main criticism of Ivanka was that the photo appeared “creepy” to her. “It was a huge misfire on her part because first of all, who cooks Mexican food or Hispanic food in an all white outfit?” she asked.

McCain went on to warn that political agenda boycotts — such as the boycott of Chick-Fil-a — occasionally have unintended consequences, also noting that she didn’t want to see the bottom-line workers at Goya punished with job loss because some people were mad about something their CEO said about Trump.