Leo Terrell Will Vote Republican For The First Time In November. Sean Hannity And Larry Elder Try To Take Credit

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Fox News host Sean Hannity and conservative radio host Larry Elder both jokingly tried to take credit for the fact that civil rights attorney Leo Terrell is voting for President Donald Trump in November.

The light-hearted Thursday night “Hannity” segment featured the Fox News host asking Terrell, dubbed “Leo 2.0” by Elder, if he had ever “voted for a Republican for president before?”


“A good question,” Terrell said. “Here’s my answer as a lawyer. This will be the first time in my life. This will be the first time in my life, Sean Hannity viewers, that I will be voting Republican. Right on your TV program, first time in my life.”

“For Donald Trump?” Hannity asked.

“For Donald Trump,” Terrell declared, to which Hannity inferred that he had “Hannitized” the former Democrat.

“I’m going to take credit for it, I’ve been pounding at him for years,” Elder jumped in.

“I give credit to Larry too,” said Hannity.

“No credit,” Terrell, who told the Daily Caller this week that he has been shunned by colleagues for his positions, joked. “The Democratic Party left me. That is why have these positions.”

Before Hannity’s original question, Terrell accused presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of “insulting the intelligence of the American public.”

“Let’s be clear, in three years, low unemployment for all people of color under the Trump Administration,” he said. “As far as police reform, this is being done in three years and let’s talk about the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is a very powerful weapon for people in the community, people of color. Why? If they had their right to own a gun they might be able to ward off some of these criminals.”

“Sean, if you didn’t hear it, I’m voting for Trump,” Terrell joked after Hannity touted another round of the president’s accomplishments. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Leo Terrell On Trump, Biden, Policing And Why He Left The Democratic Party)

“I — oh, listen, not only did I hear it and Larry heard it, it is thundering across the fruited plain,” Hannity exclaimed. “Everybody heard you. Loud and clear! I always say, we’ve come a long way from the days that Leo used to say ‘Don’t mention O.J.,’ ripping out his earpiece, ripping off the microphone, walking off the set and I’m talking to an empty chair.”

“If we can convert Leo we can convert anybody,” Elder said, laughing. “If we can get Leo we can get anybody.”