REPORT: Survey Finds Hundreds Of McDonald’s Workers Have Been Assaulted By Anti-Mask Customers

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Nicholas Elias Contributor
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Nearly half of McDonald’s workers surveyed have been verbally or physically assaulted by customers after enforcing mask-wearing procedures, according to Business Insider.

A survey, obtained by Business Insider, from the Service Employees International Union found that 44% of the 4,187 McDonald’s workers surveyed had been assaulted by a customer due to enforcement of mask protocol. (RELATED: Drug Runners Reportedly Drop Sacks Of Marijuana On Spanish Beach In Broad Daylight)

“Throughout the pandemic, McDonald’s has failed to protect us from COVID-19,” Maira Villaseñor, a McDonald’s worker, told Business Insider, “Now it’s asking us to police a culture war that’s not in our job description and that we’re not paid to do.” 

Villaseñor said she witnessed a coworker get attacked by a customer after she asked them to wear a mask, and has now filed a complaint with the Chicago Department of Public Health, according to Business Insider.

McDonald’s told Business Insider that it was “disappointing to see the SEIU stirring up media attention yet again with these inaccurate characterizations, which do not represent what is happening in our 14,000 restaurants across the country.” McDonald’s also reportedly claimed the SEIU was “spreading misinformation” and that the survey “only represented 0.5% of the more than 800,000 crew and managers within our McDonald’s family.”

Out of the 112 locations that SEIU surveyors visited, 44% of McDonald’s workers were not wearing masks or not wearing masks properly and only half of the locations were practicing social distancing, per Business Insider. 46% of workers reportedly also knew about a coronavirus infection in their workplace and were not given time off. 

“This is a challenging and unprecedented time for the country and the world and we recognize restaurant crew have questions on how to stay safe,” McDonalds said in a statement obtained by Business Insider. “Since February, McDonald’s USA has updated nearly 50 processes to keep restaurant employees and customers safe and has issued a 59-page guide outlining national standards restaurants must implement.”

The Daily Caller reached out to SEIU and McDonald’s and left messages pending reply.