Drug Runners Reportedly Drop Sacks Of Marijuana On Spanish Beach In Broad Daylight

JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images

Nicholas Elias Contributor
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A video taken at the Spanish beach Costa del Sol shows drug smugglers unloading sacks of marijuana on the beach in broad daylight, per Daily Mail.

“Drug delivery daytime, what the heck,” an onlooker in the video can be heard saying, per Daily Mail. The boat reportedly dropped off the marijuana on the beach and transferred it to men on the shore at Benamara beach between Marabella and Estepona. (RELATED: Report: Georgia Man Arrested After Beating, Choking And Chasing After A 20-Year-Old Intruder In 14-Year-Old Daughter’s Bedroom)

The beach is close to a popular British tourist spot called the Hotel Sol Marbella Estepona-Atalaya Park, according to the Daily Mail. A van was reportedly waiting for the men to give them the cannabis resin and escaped before police arrived. 

Drug smuggling along the beach is a problem as smugglers have been filmed on two instances making transactions, reported the Daily Mail. In one video, smugglers reportedly threaten to kill anyone who calls the police while the transfer is being done and another shows a speed boat being loaded with marijuana and gasoline cans.

“Narco-boats do not approach the coast to avoid intervention. The boats that are seen are supply,” José Encinas, delegate of the Unified Association of Civil Guard (AUGC) of Cádiz, told El Mundo, “The question is to be able to demonstrate that this type of vessel carries diesel fuel to the narco lanchas. If it could be demonstrated, they would belong to an organized gang, but it must be confirmed and investigated.”

Encinas went on to say that the smugglers operate on the beaches with total impunity due to a lack of resources to stop them, per El Mundo.