‘It’s Almost A Parody’: Economist Glenn Loury Talks BLM, The Smithsonian’s Race Guidelines And Joe Biden

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Brown University economist Glenn Loury spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about the “Black Lives Matter” movement, Joe Biden’s gaffes and more.

“My criticism though is about the fact that I think of this movement, which is very radical,” Loury said, “which is anti-capitalist — I mean come on. It has contempt for the normal narrative that one tells about the history of the country. It’s obsessed with race. I’ve been to the website and looked at some of the demands. They’re not limited to what the police do. They want to reform education in a particular way. They want black autonomy and local governance. They want a lot of different things.”

Brown University released a letter, which “was signed by everybody,” in response to George Floyd’s death. Loury responded with a rebuttal.

“It took a sharp political position on issues that are contentious,” Loury explained. “It alleged that America basically is in the grips of 400 years of uninterrupted white supremacy, which marginalized people via something called ‘anti-black racism.’ That something called ‘systemic racism’ needed to be fought and that the event that happened with George Floyd being killed in Minneapolis was yet another incident of the many, many events that have happened to people of color or black people exhibiting something called ‘anti-black racism.'”

Loury also commented on the National Museum of African American History and Culture definition of “whiteness” and signs of white culture in American society.

“I was appalled when I saw that. I couldn’t believe it actually,” Loury said. “The National Museum of African American History defining ‘whiteness’ in terms of character traits that I thought were laudable. I would have thought hard work was laudable.”

Loury continued, “this is the hip-hop view of the world. This is what I would expect a rapper to say, not what I would expect sober people charged with the maintenance of important cultural institutions having an impact on the lives of millions of Americans.”

Loury also discussed his feelings about Joe Biden, how the Democratic Party treats the black community and more. (RELATED: ‘I Find It Really — It’s Offensive’: Martha MacCallum Challenges ‘Whiteness Assumptions’ In Museum Learning Tool)



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