‘He Went Off The Crazy Train’: Jesse Watters Says All Biden Had To Do Was Be Moderate, And He Didn’t

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Jesse Watters said that former Vice President Joe Biden has failed to present a moderate platform going into the 2020 general election.

Watters claimed during a Friday segment of “The Five” that Biden “went off the crazy train and fell into the socialism trap.” (RELATED: ‘These Were Peaceful Shootings’: Jesse Watters Mocks Seattle Mayor For Underplaying Danger Of CHAZ)


“Biden is blowing it,” Watters began. “All you do is stay in a moderate lane and he’s just going off the rails to the left and he just needs to stay moderate so he’s competitive in battlegrounds.”

Watters argued that Biden’s failure to come back to a more centrist position might have something to do with a perceived enthusiasm gap between the presumptive Democratic nominee and President Donald Trump.

“They think all they need to do is juice enthusiasm with the left-wing base to juice turn out,” Watters explained, adding that Biden’s policies were looking more and more like the policies of Democratic socialists like Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“When you close your eyes in the dark, you can’t tell in a blind taste test the difference between Sanders’ health care plan and Joe Biden’s” Watters added. “He’s raising taxes. He’s going to hit everybody with regulations and he is letting Beto confiscate guns. So, he really screwed this up.”

“It’s not that difficult if he just stays normal,” Watters concluded. “But he went off the crazy train and fell into the socialism trap.”