‘Neither Reads, And I’ve Seen Both Their Wives Naked’: D.L. Hughley Rips Kanye West For Being Just Like Trump


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Comedian D.L. Hughley slammed Kanye West during a Friday appearance on “The View,” saying that the entertainer-turned-presidential candidate was just like President Donald Trump.

Hughley joined the ABC talk show to talk about his new book, “Surrender White People: Our Unconditional Terms For Peace” — and in the book, he referred to West as an “honorary white guy.”


Joy Behar brought the conversation around to West.

“Due to his actions, you say he’s an honorary white guy now,” Behar said. “That’s a strong statement. You couldn’t have known — you couldn’t have known that close to press time he would announce his run for president. Which we’re not sure if he’s in or out at this point. What do you say about that? Could you envision a Kanye presidency? Oh my God.” (RELATED: ‘Have We Made America Great Yet?’: Joy Behar Bashes Trump Over Goya Photo Op)

Hughley responded by saying that he didn’t see much of a difference between West and Trump.

“They’re the same type of man,” Hughley explained. “They both are amoral. They both are narcissistic. Neither reads, and I’ve seen both their wives naked. I think they’re exactly both the same type.”

Behar then changed the subject to white supremacy, saying that it was still an issue that needed to be dealt with in the United States.

“You pinpoint what you say is the real problem. What is that? Tell us?” she asked.

Hughley said that the real problem was the fact that people continued to deny the existence of white supremacy.

“We saw this play out this week. Tucker Carlson said that white supremacy wasn’t a problem. He noted that he never even met a white supremacist. Then he fired his head writer for being a white supremacist,” Hughley explained.

Hughley concluded by saying that convincing people white supremacy wasn’t a problem was akin to the devil convincing the world he didn’t exist.

“They say the greatest thing the devil did was convince the people they didn’t exist, and it’s also convincing people that white supremacy doesn’t exist because everybody knows it does,” he said.