Image Clearly Shows All The Subjects Kayleigh McEnany Is Ready To Take On With The Press

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany brings an extensive binder to press conferences – and a new photograph offers a glimpse into her preparedness.

McEnany has been press secretary since April 2020 and has consistently hit back at reporters, often offering up receipts. White House Reuters photographer Jonathan Ernst captured just how prepared McEnany is with an image showing a massive, detailed binder that she brings with her to press conferences.

McEnany’s binder has subsections that include “China,” “Absurd,” “Wins,” “Flynn,” “Russia” and “Obama.” During press conferences, McEnany often looks to her binder as she responds to press questions. (RELATED: ‘Dereliction Of Duty’: Kayleigh McEnany Fires Back At Chicago Mayor Over ‘Karen’ Remark)

Not everyone appeared to be impressed with McEnany’s hefty receipts and notes. Some pointed out that the tab for former Special Counsel Robert Mueller was misspelled. Others criticized her for not including the “Q” in the “LGBT” tab.

Regardless, the close up of McEnany’s binder shows her preparedness for reporter’s questions. She fired back at press in June for the media’s “hypocrisy” regarding its coverage of protests and President Donald Trump’s rally. She also brought receipts and hit back at CNN in May, rattling off notes about her time working for the media outlet.