‘How Do You Like That Motherf**ker?’: Officials Investigating Video Of Altercation Between Virginia State Trooper And Black Motorist

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Nicholas Elias Contributor
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Virginia State Police announced Wednesday that they are investigating a state trooper who was seen in a video forcefully removing a black man from his car and yelling expletives.

The video released July 13 by attorney Joshua Erlich shows Trooper Charles Hewitt forcefully removing Derrick Thompson from his vehicle during a traffic stop that allegedly occurred in April of 2019. (RELATED: Dashcam Video Shows Cop Saving A 3-Week-Old Choking Baby)

“The conduct displayed by Trooper Hewitt during the course of the traffic stop is not in agreement with the established standards of conduct required of a Virginia trooper,” Virginia State Police Superintendent Col. Gary Settle said in a statement, “Nor is it characteristic of the service provided daily across the Commonwealth of Virginia by Virginia State Police personnel.”

Police said that Thompson was stopped April 14, 2019, for an “expired inspection decal” and were able to confirm during the stop that Thompson was driving with a suspended license. Authorities also allege that they detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car.

Thompson “refused to comply with the trooper’s repeated requests to exit his vehicle” and still refused after he was informed that he was now under arrest, according to Settle’s statement. Thompson was then taken into custody and charged with obstruction of justice, driving on a suspended license and for the expired inspection decal, according to the statement.

In the video posted, Thompson can be heard telling officer Hewitt that he cannot unlock his car door and claims that the police have illegally entered his vehicle.

“Take a look at me,” Hewitt says to Thompson in the video “I’m a f**king specimen right here, buddy. You have gotten on my last nerve.”

The video continues with dialogue between the two, with Hewitt telling Thompson, “You’re going to get your ass whooped in front of f**king lord and all creation.”

Nothing can be seen after Hewitt puts his arm around Thompson’s neck, but audio appears to show Thompson saying, “How do you like that motherf**ker? How do you like that? Huh? Put your hands behind your back.”

Thompson can be heard pleading with the officer to get off of his neck, saying “you are harming me.”

Elrich said that Hewitt then placed Thompson in the front car seat and explained why he removed him from the vehicle, per NBC. Hewitt allegedly said that the takedown did not have to do with race and told Thompson that he could not be racist because his wife is black.

In a letter sent to Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, Elrich claims that Hewitt is a fan of “racist comic and meme” groups and is “unsettlingly comfortable with racist language and imagery.”

“Our focus right now is on appropriate discipline for Trooper Hewitt and we are hopeful that the criminal investigation leads to charges,” Erlich said to NBC.

The Virginia State Police Department and Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring did not immediately respond to a request for comment.