Ken Blackwell: Democratic Mayors Avoiding Responsibility For Cities ‘Wrecked By Violence And Lawlessness’

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Ken Blackwell, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and currently a senior fellow at the Family Research Council, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Vince Coglianese about violence in Democrat-run cities, the Black Lives Matter movement and more.

Civil unrest and violence continue throughout the nation, including in many major cities such as Portland, Oregon.

“The lawlessness and the unrest that we now see that prevails in these cities,” Blackwell said, “are not only crippling these cities and putting public lives at risk, what they’re doing is — it’s becoming killing fields. At a time when we have the resources and the history to convert killing fields into fields of dreams, these mayors have basically tried to blame the lawlessness that’s happening on their watch on COVID-19 or the president. Never accepting the responsibility that they have.”

Blackwell also commented on the leadership of cities across the country.

“If you take a hard look at the cities that are now wrecked by violence and lawlessness,” Blackwell said, “many of these cities are lead by blacks. Their police chiefs are blacks, their police forces are representative of the communities.”

“When these mayors and these safety forces retreat, that’s just a signal to the anarchists, to the petty criminals, to the disrupters that the field is theirs,” Blackwell said.

“There is not a systemic racism problem in the police forces across the country,” Blackwell explained. “Yes, they have bad actors, bad apples that need to be rooted out and the president and the attorney general are speaking to that. But to say there is  a systemic racism problem is following suit of the 1619 Project of the New York Times.”

Blackwell also discussed the National Museum of African American History and Culture’s definition of “whiteness,” President Trump and the 2020 election and more. (RELATED: Smithsonian Museum Says Objective Thinking Is A Sign Of ‘Whiteness’)



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