Trump Campaign Spox Accuses Press Of Covering For Biden ‘For The Better Part Of 50 Years’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Trump campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley accused the press of covering for former Vice President Joe Biden “for the better part of 50 years.”

Gidley, who made a Sunday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends,” accused the media of helping Biden to push back against President Donald Trump’s claim that his presumptive rival wanted to defund the police. (RELATED: ‘He Went Off The Crazy Train’: Jesse Watters Says All Biden Had To Do Was Be Moderate, And He Didn’t)


Gidley began by laying out the stark differences between President Trump and Biden, telling host and former Republican Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz that at the end of the day, all campaigns are really about choices.

“And when you have someone like Donald Trump who stands up for this country, delivers unifying, patriotic messages on a daily basis, and someone like Joe Biden, who, for eight years, ruined this economy, and in the recent weeks when we’ve seen all this death and destruction across our country has said little or nothing except for defund the police …” Gidley said.

The campaign spokesman shifted slightly to attack the prevailing media narrative that Biden had never said that he wanted to defund the police, making it clear that he saw Biden’s actual position as a distinction without a difference.

“And I have to say to watch the media try and cover for Joe Biden in this instance, they say he didn’t say, ‘defund the police.’ Okay, right. He used the word ‘redirect,'” Gidley continued. “Let’s be clear, Jason. You and I talking right now, I’m not going to defund your bank account. I’m just going to redirect more money out of it into my bank account. The fact is it’s a cut, it’s a defunding mechanism regardless.”

“He can try and spin it however he wants, and the press can try to cover for him as they have been doing now for the better part of 50 years, but the facts remain — the American people understand our city streets are devolving into lawlessness,” Gidley concluded, arguing that President Trump was the only one still standing for law and order.