Chris Wallace Earns Across-The-Board Praise For Tough Trump Interview

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Fox News’ Chris Wallace earned mostly across the board approval for his interview with President Donald Trump that aired Sunday, with many praising Wallace for his willingness to fact-check the president.

Wallace spent the contentious interview pushing back on many of Trump’s claims and fact-checking him. The Fox News host appeared to appreciate the president’s willingness to sit down and answer tough questions, saying afterwards that “he had answers” – regardless of whether or not Americans agreed or disagreed with what he said.

After the interview, people from differing political backgrounds largely agreed that Wallace had a successful interview with Trump. CNN’s Chris Cillizza called Wallace “one of the most skilled — and best — interviewers in the news business.”

“t was one of the best (and most revealing) interviews of Trump since he began running for office way back in the summer of 2015,” Cillizza added.

Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show,” said that not only was it not a “softball interview,” but “it was pretty much a masterclass in how not to let Trump get away with his usual bullshit,” according to The Wrap.

“Again, another great fact check from Chris Wallace. And I gotta admit: I love Chris Wallace the journalist,” Noah said. “And honestly, it got to the point where Chris Wallace wasn’t just fact-checking Trump. He was fact shaming him. Because for years now Trump has been bragging about what a good score he got on some cognitive ability test. And yesterday, Wallace flat-out told Trump that his test score ain’t shit.”

Meghan McCain, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” offered a prediction after Trump’s interview. She said that he would likely not sit down with Wallace again, speculating that “it’s gonna be Sean Hannity from here on out.”

“Now that is how you interview Trump ladies and gentleman,” McCain tweeted. (RELATED: Trump Cuts Off Fox Interview To Find Proof Joe Biden Called For Defunding Police — He Couldn’t Find Any According To Wallace)

“I think I’ve watched every television interview Donald Trump has done since announcing his candidacy in 2015. Chris Wallace just did the best one, and by some distance,” Axios reporter Jonathan Swan tweeted.

Fox News’ Bret Baier congratulated Wallace on-air after the interview, saying “Congratulations. You made us all proud.”

“A consummate pro. Tough. Prepared. Fair. Always ready with a fact check and a follow-up question,” former anchor Dan Rather tweeted.