Couple Floating On Inflatable Swan Rescued Out Of New York City River

(Credit: Shutterstock Miew S)

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A couple had to be rescued Sunday out of New York City’s East River after their inflatable swan float was swept away by the current.

The Fire Department of the City of New York shared a photo of the rescue mission to Instagram.

“At 3:39 pm today, #FDNY Marine and land units responded to the East River and E 55 St, Manhattan for reports of multiple persons in the water,” the Fire Department of the City of New York shared on Instagram.

“FDNY #Marine4 rescued two persons from the water after their inflatable swan pool float was overcome by a fast moving current and was met with heavy marine traffic,” the captioned continued. “The two individuals were transported ashore onboard #Marine6 where they were evaluated by EMS.”

The FDNY also gave tips for swimming in the river. (RELATED: Helicopter Rescue Spinning Out Of Control Captured On Video)

“FDNY urges New Yorkers to always take precautions when swimming or entering the water surrounding our city,” the caption said. “Only enter the water where swimming is permitted and where lifeguards are on duty.”

I can kind of see how this could be a good idea, but I don’t know why anyone would want to get in the water surrounding New York City. That has to be dirty and disgusting. I know it also has to be completely embarrassing to have to be rescued by the fire department for trying to do something as simple as floating on a pool toy.

Not the best decision here.