LinkedIn Cuts Nearly A Thousand Jobs As Pandemic Stalls Recruiting

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Nicholas Elias Contributor
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Chief Executive Ryan Roslansky announced Monday that LinkedIn will cut 960 jobs as many companies have stopped or slowed down recruitment efforts during the coronavirus pandemic.

Roslansky announced the plans in a message posted on LinkedIn’s website and said that the cuts were the only ones the company was expecting to make.

“To our teammates who are leaving: I deeply thank you for the positive impact you’ve made,” said Roslansky in the message. (RELATED: GNC Files For Bankruptcy Due To Pandemic Impact, Will Close Up To 1200 Stores)

The message says that roles in the Global Sales and Talent Acquisition departments are no longer required at the company due to the pandemic. The company will now also be shifting from an online service approach to a field sales team when working with small businesses. Six percent of the company’s total workforce will be removed as a result of the changes.

Roslansky went on to say that the firings were not reflective of the person’s work at LinkedIn but a “result of strategic changes.” Roslansky also stated that those who were affected by the cuts will get 10 weeks minimum of severance pay, a year of health insurance if the person was based in the U.S., a career transition assistance program, potential new job offers and immigration support.

The shift dealing with small businesses will create new job opportunities which will also be offered to those affected by the layoffs. Those fired will also be allowed to keep any cell phones, laptops or any other equipment received from LinkedIn. 

“This is painful to go through as an organization, but a company with a vision as bold as ours will have to make difficult decisions,” Roslansky said in the message, “And since our vision is more important than it ever has been given all that’s going on in the world, I’m confident we’ll emerge more resilient and stronger than ever.”