Popular Brand Offers ‘Bailouts’ For Kids With Lemonade Stands Struggling During Coronavirus

Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for L.A. Loves Alex's Lemonade

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Country Time Lemonade is offering “bailouts” for kids with lemonade stands during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We know this will be a rough summer for lemonade stands,” the “Littlest Bailout” program said on their website. “And if the big guys are getting bailed out, why shouldn’t we help the littlest entrepreneurs get the same treatment?” (RELATED: Jobs Increased And Unemployment Decreased In June)

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump Administration launched the $670 billion Paycheck Protection Program to help small businesses during the pandemic. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said earlier this month that the program had supported “more than 51 million jobs and over 80% of all small business employees.”

The Littlest Bailout program offers a $100 bailout  “to help kids preserve the values of lemonade stands, honest work, and entrepreneurship, while putting a little juice back into the economy.”

Parents of kids with lemonade stands can apply on Country Time’s Littlest Bailout website.