SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey Implies That Athletes Are Safer On Campus Than At Home

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey has no regrets about bringing athletes back to campus.

The SEC has allowed football players and other athletes to return to campuses for voluntary workouts during the coronavirus pandemic. While some might not like the move, Sankey thinks it’s for the best. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

During a snippet released from the Tuesday night “Real Sports” episode, Sankey said the following when talking about bringing athletes back and whether they were put at risk:

You’re asking a question in comparison. So in comparison to what? To having them workout at homes or home gyms that may have been their own hotspots, without oversight of sports medicine specialist, without strength and conditioning coaches? And that reality informed what I still believe was the right decision.

You can check out his full answer below.

I couldn’t agree more with Sankey if I tried. Is there anyone who honestly believes athletes are better off at home than on campus?

It doesn’t even seem like a tough call at all. On campus, the resources are plentiful. I find it borderline impossible to believe any athlete can match them at home.


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Major college campuses have medical professionals right there and the best food and nutrition available for athletes, and players can be monitored.

This shouldn’t even be a debate at all. Athletes are lightyears better on campus than they are off of it. If the choice is bringing football players back or keeping them home, the first choice is hands down the easy one.


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Now, there’s still no guarantee that football happens, but Sankey and everyone else who allowed athletes to return should be applauded.