Whoopi Goldberg Blasts Federal Intervention In Portland: ‘A Planned Attack On The American People’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Whoopi Goldberg let loose on President Donald Trump’s promise to get rioters in cities under control, saying that federal intervention amounted to “a planned attack on the American people.”

Goldberg brought the topic to the table Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” questioning the Trump administration’s authority to engage with protesters in cities — particularly without the permission of local authorities. (RELATED: Whoopi Goldberg Demands Tucker Carlson Apologize For Calling Tammy Duckworth A ‘Coward’)


“Well, you know, I’ve sort of been saying this for a while that everybody needed to pay attention to the little things, you know, to the little things that are being done and, you know, where is — where is Barr?” Goldberg began, arguing that it wasn’t right for the president to simply declare that he was going to send people in.

“He’s wanted a fight from the beginning, from the moment he came in, he wanted to fight somebody, and now he’s found a way to do it,” Goldberg continued.

Cohost Joy Behar argued that Trump’s actions were playing right into the hands of Russian President Vladimir Putin, adding that the only way to stop it would be to also get rid of the Republicans in the Senate who have supported Trump.

“These two are despicable. They need to go also, by the way. People need to vote against Mitch McConnell, Graham, and a few of the others. Get them out,” Behar said.

“The bottom line is, people really need to pay attention to this, because this is — this is — we sort of felt it a little bit when we’ve seen other sort of riots break out, we’ve seen them bust out troops, but this is different. This feels different. This feels like a planned attack against the American people,” Goldberg concluded. “It’s very specific and it’s very targeted. People need to pay attention to what’s happening.”