‘Ludicrous’: Ben Domenech Lays Out How Media Is Reframing Trump’s Response To Violence To Help Democrats

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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The Federalist’s Ben Domenech laid into media Wednesday for reframing the Trump administration’s response to violence and unrest in a way that helped Democrats.

Domenech made an appearance on “Fox & Friends” to discuss the ongoing violence in major cities across the United States, noting that the way many media outlets had covered the violence and President Donald Trump’s response to it was designed to help the Democratic Party. (RELATED: Trump Campaign Spox Accuses Press Of Covering For Biden ‘For The Better Part Of 50 Years’)


Host Ainsley Earhardt began with a recap of the situation, noting the violence in major cities like Portland, Oregon, and the fact that President Trump had suggested that he would send a federal response if local authorities were unable to get things under control. Democratic leaders in many of those cities have vocally opposed Trump’s plan.

Earhardt cited reports from those Democratic leaders who have said that the presence of federal troops and officers have only escalated conflicts with protester and made the situation worse, asking Domenech, “Are the feds to blame for the chaos there?”

“That’s as ludicrous saying because there are a lot of firemen showing up at burning houses, that it was them who started the fire in the first place,” Domenech replied. “I mean, it’s a situation where the media advances its narrative in the way they want the story to be told which is they don’t show anything that comes before, they don’t show any of the violence, any of the graffiti, any of the types of things that we’ve seen that would have federal officers be deployed in order to protect federal buildings as is their job.”

“And yet, once they show up, somehow it’s like they brought the violence with them. It’s absurd, but the media gets away with it time and again because of the way that they build these narratives,” Domenech added.

Host Griff Jenkins turned the topic to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who recently referred to the federal officers in Portland as “stormtroopers” and to coronavirus as “the Trump virus.”

“You know, the media and the Democratic Party are really working as one in advancing this,” Domenech replied, noting that the timing of the comments might be tied to the fact that House Democrats are currently working to restrict the president’s power to do things like ban travel from China, which he did at the outset of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The media’s aim and the Democratic Party’s aim is the same here, to make the president own the virus, to have it be the thing that prevents him from getting reelected. And I think you have to see every one of these stories as an effort to advance that cause,” Domenech concluded.